Hygiene Appointments

Your partner in oral hygiene
Visiting your hygienist regularly for cleaning is very important in keeping your mouth healthy. Even if you clean your teeth every day, plaque can still build up in areas that are difficult to reach with your toothbrush alone.

Your hygienist is the expert in teeth cleaning, often called a ‘scale and polish’. They are especially trained to carry out preventative oral care and they have all the tools to remove the buildup of plaque and calculus.

You need to see your dentist if you have:

During your scale and polish appointment, our hygienist will look for early signs of gum disease and will discuss ways to improve your personal oral hygiene and oral habits.

Visit our dental hygienist every 6 months to remove plaque buildup and reinforce good cleaning habits.

At the Smile More Dental Clinics, we recommend visiting our hygienist every 6 months to remove plaque buildup and reinforce good cleaning habits. For patients wearing braces, we advise them to schedule their hygiene appointments more frequently to keep their teeth in great health during their treatment.

Your dentist will add a tooth-colored resin to your teeth to enhance their appearance. This material is carefully contoured into the desired shape, hardened, and polished.

Air Flow Therapy

Air flow is an effective prophylactic therapy using a machine that cleans and polishes teeth using a mix of water, fine powder particles and compressed air. With air flow, our hygienist is able to easily and efficiently remove plaque and stain even on the most hard-to-reach and delicate areas. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, air flow is less abrasive, and it provides a more comfortable experience for patients.

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